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Opal Threader Earrings

$40.00 - $58.00

The Opal Threader Earrings are so versatile! My friends and customers have played around to find more then 5 ways to thread your Opal through your ears. Get creative by threading your earrings through multiple piercings, or play it simple and thread it through one. Even at that, this design is bound to be a subtle statement. The Opal is completely natural with no treatments whatsoever. The Opals are dainty and measure about 6x4-7x5mm. These are crafted using Sterling Silver, 14kt Rose Gold fill, or a mix between the two.

Opal promotes emotional healing, creativity, spiritual connection, and balance. Opal is believed to have emotional healing properties, helping individuals to release past emotional wounds, enhance emotional expression, and promote a sense of emotional balance and well-being. Opal is associated with enhancing creativity and inspiring artistic expression. It is believed to stimulate the imagination and encourage innovation. Opal has a strong connection to spiritual energy. It is thought to enhance intuition, psychic abilities, and spiritual insight. Opal is thought to promote balance and harmony in various aspects of life, including relationships and personal growth. It is believed to bring a sense of tranquility and inner peace.

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