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Simple Spessartine Garnet Drop Necklace

$26.00 - $36.00

These gorgeous Hessonite Garnets have a unique and uneven facet that catches the light in a powerful way! As you can see in the photos, each piece is unique in its color and shape. Stone sizes range from 7x4x3mm - 12x7x4mm. Hessonite Garnet is a deep orange-brown or reddish-orange. I have used natural Garnet that is untreated in any way. It is a subtle wear and perfect for an everyday go-to necklace!

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Hessonite garnet is a variety of grossular garnet and is known as the "cinnamon stone" due to its warm, reddish-brown color. It is said to promote emotional balance and stability, and to enhance creativity and self-expression.

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