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Simple White Moonstone Gem Drop Earrings

$28.00 - $38.00

The Simple White Moonstone Gem Drop Earrings are the perfect go-to for any lover of white and the sooothing energies it brings. The simple design allows these earrings to be an easy every day wear. I handmade the earring hooks with a slightly hammered texture for strength and a gorgeous shine. The White Moonstone is about 12 x 8mm, and they hang just over an inch from the ear. I use a natural White Moonstone that has no treatments whatsoever. Each pair of Moonstones have their own unique flash!

White Moonstone is a stone of intuition and new beginnings. The moons cyclical energy is believed to be present in Moonstone, making it a stone that can help to facilitate new beginnings and positive change. Moonstone is also believed to have a calming and balancing energy, which can help to ease transitions and provide emotional support during times of change. For this reason it is a great stone for pregnant woman, mothers, and nurturers.

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